Being the best in Sirigu means nothing to me – Rap Kowa

BMC Rap Kowa - Musician

Following the launch of his maiden album, BMC rapper Rap Kowa has stated that he has never thought of fighting to be the best in Sirigu, not even in Upper East while also advising his colleagues to unite and stop the unnecessary rivalries..

Rap Kowa who successfully launched his maiden album last Friday, December 30 explained that he is only interested in projecting the name of the community and not to be the best in the community. According to him, fighting to be the best him Sirigu means he is underrating his talent and potentials.

He was reacting to the number of people who came from outside Sirigu to support his album launch.

“A strong team from Paga came to chair the programme and the Vice Chair was from Sirigu so it really makes people to realize that I don’t do my music just for Sirigu. So when I hear people saying ‘I am the best in Sirigu. This is the best, this person can do more than you’ and that comparison, I don’t fall for it.

“I don’t go to social media to post that I am the best in Sirigu. Being the best in Sirigu is not anything for me because as I am doing my music I am not fighting to be the best in Upper East now to talk of Sirigu because Sirigu alone is too small for me to want to be the best in Sirigu. I aim bigger than that and beyond being the best in my community,” he noted.

“There is a difference between fighting to take Sirigu name higher and fighting to be the best in Sirigu. Looking at Sirigu we have a lot of talent but there is no push and in music when you don’t have people that push you no matter how great your talent is you can never make it.

“A lot of times there is always so much negative rivalry among us and that is affecting us. When you look in the industry in Sirigu I am one of the older ones so I see myself as an elder and have a responsibility to preach peace.

“Sometimes even I see the younger ones try to step on my toes but I always restrain myself and say ‘bro, when I was young I don’t take nonsense but now I am not so I have to show maturity’. So I tell myself to take the nonsense and go and when the person has sense he or she will come back and apologize”

“So I told myself I am a super star when I saw people coming from beyond Sirigu to support me and that means I don’t just do music for Sirigu but for people,” he concluded.

He advised artistes in the community to be united and push one another in the game so that they can all achieve their dreams else they will continue to harbour unnecessary rivalry that will not promote them to anywhere.


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