Do You Even Have A Child? – Reggie Rockstone Asks Serwaa Amihere

Akuapem-Poloo, Reggie Rockstone and Serwaa Amihere

Akuapem Poloo may be the one who has been sentenced to serve a prison term but the exchange of words between people who have divided opinion about her situation is a public game.

Ever since she was her conviction was made public, there have been divided opinions. She’s been trending since and that is partly caused by the number of celebrities who have shown interest in the conversation.

Several attempts from some loved ones especially from the entertainment industry to get her sentence taken off proved futile. And she has finally been asked to serve the sentence due her after she returned a negative pregnancy test.

Relatedly, renowned female broadcaster with the EIB Network, Serwaa Amihere has found herself in trouble after she added her voice to the issues. She took to her Twitter handle to ask why people were pleading on her behalf if she has pleaded guilty herself.

See Serwaa Amihere’s tweet below

Serwaa Amihere's Tweet about Akuapem Poloo's conviction
Serwaa Amihere’s Tweet about Akuapem Poloo’s conviction

Hiplife ‘godfather’, Reggie Rockstone had time to explain to Serwaa why people are pleading for Akuapem Poloo. He said, “WE ASK COS WE ARE HUMAN AND ALL BLEED RED AND FEEL FOR THIS PERSONS PLIGHT.” He also wondered if the broadcaster has a child.

See his reply to Serwaa’s tweet below.

Reggie Rockstone reply to Serwaa's tweet about Akuapem Poloo's conviction
Reggie Rockstone reply to Serwaa’s tweet about Akuapem Poloo’s conviction
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