Chioma Writes A Letter To Satan After Davido’s Alleged Cheating With Mya Yafai


The latest talk on the internet particularly on social media is the alleged afair between Davido and Instagram model Mya Yafai. Davido who has been dating Chioma for a long time and has a son with her is alleged to be going out with American IG model Mya Yafai. 

Just after the news went viral, Mya Yafai deleted all her photos on Instagram and deleted the account too. Her fears maybe that people will wage war against her for going after another woman’s man. 

Chioma then decided to react but in a subtle way. She felt she needed someone to report her son’s father to and it seems she has no trust in man no more so she opted for a strange person. Her choice of person has however got many on social media wondering.

She chose to write a letter to Satan on her Instagram handle. She revealed that she isn’t the kind of person that speaks anyhow and has a particular group of people she speaks with when she is around them. That person surely includes Satan hence her decision to write to him.

In her post she wrote ; 

“Dear Satan, what used to work doesn’t work anymore”.

We don’t know when Satan will reply and how he will do it but hopefully we hope Chioma gets answers. Will Satan makes the things that used to work and don’t work now go back to default? We wait to see.

Source: Naomi Martey


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