Becca Is Everything Okay? – Netizens Ask


Netizens are making so many queries as they wonder what could have made the well-known Ghanaian songstress Rebecca Akosua Acheampong known in the showbiz industry as Becca ignore the comment of her loving husband.

This is what gives netizens reasons to come out with assumptions that there could be a problem somewhere. 

Becca who tied the knot with her husband in the year 2018 faced so many criticisms when she lost her mother and chose to stay off social media till after the funeral.

Before her coming back, she posted a video on her Instagram handle that attracted so many comments from her loved ones including her husband Dr Tobbi Sanni Daniel.

However, what aroused the curiosity of netizens was the fact that Becca replied to all the comments from her celebrity fans like Ohemaa Woyeje, Salma Mummin leaving only that of her husband which reads “My Baby” unanswered.

This is what has raised the brows of social media users as they seek a reason for such an act. However, as it stands now, no reasons or reactions have been given by the songstress.

It is alleged that Becca’s mother was against her marriage to her husband and even refused to attend it. For that reason, people keep wondering if her death and burial have raised any confrontations.

Well, Dr Tobbi also went on to post a dashing photo of himself on his Instagram page and Becca did not comment on the post and this makes us wonder if there is truly trouble in paradise.

Source: Naomi Martey


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