Where to find the best BBQ in the South

Where to find the best BBQ in the South

People are going to argue where the best particular restaurants are, within the best BBQ cities, until they pass out from exhaustion. If that’s their sport of choice, good on them. It might be time better spent to just address those cities in particular and examine what type of BBQ makes them so well known.

If you aren’t up on regional BBQ this might be the perfect introduction you need to see where you want to on your next food-focused vacation. From spicy BBQ, to the best dry rubs, no two cities are going to be alike.

Memphis, TN
Speaking of dry rub, Memphis might be the perfect spot if you are interested in this style. For those unfamiliar, you’ll still find some sauces on the side but magic is going to be in dry cakey rub on the meat itself. If you want to start at the 101 level course, two great options might be Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs and Central BBQ.

Having both is going to offer you traditional and modern experiences respectively so you can decide where you want the flavor journey to take you next. Know that you won’t go wrong with getting ribs from either place and either can absolutely be your next favorite food you’ve ever had.

You get the right taste of a local BBQ and you might find yourself looking at Memphis houses for sale, before you even realize so never have to be too far from your new favorite places again.

Nashville, TN
If you want a little music to go with some of the nation’s best BBQ, Nashville might become your second home before you even realize it. It’s a perfect city to spend a weekend in and find yourself completely submerged into the local culture. It’s not all they offer, but be sure to try the pulled chicken while you’re there for something truly out of this world.

Somehow chicken might not be your jam and if that’s the case, you’ll also have some great options for the other best bird – turkey as well as the traditional BBQ pork favorites.

Lockhart, TX
When looking at BBQ and moving out of Tennessee, the next logical place to head to is the big old state of Texas. You’ve got plenty of amazing cities and towns to choose from when looking for amazing BBQ in particular, but if you want an absolutely laser focused experience Lockhart is going to be hard to beat.

There’s only a few options (four to be particular) but those are going to be some of the best options you’ll find anywhere in the United States. Some of these options have been around (and in the same families) since the early 1900s so you know they are staying respectful to their ancestors. Black’s Barbecue is a great example of this as they are known for using the same recipes their forefathers came up with.

If a German-style BBQ is what you didn’t realize you were missing from your life, stop at Kreuz Market first and experience BBQ in a way you might have never considered before.

Source: Naomi Martey

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