Ugandan Police Hunt For General Kuntumba’s Attackers


Police in Uganda have released street camera footage of men believed to have been responsible for the assassination attempt on the country’s former army commander, Gen. Katumba Wamalah now the transport minister who narrowly escaped an ambush of bullet showers on his car on Tuesday morning. The CCTV footage shows four men on motorbikes one of them is in a blue striped shirt straddling a bike as he drives off. No face recognition.

A joint police army and military team is investigating the shooting. The army says it is looking into phone calls that seem to have been made to plan the attempted assassination.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday the former General mourns his daughter and driver that were the unfortunate casualty of this heinous act. He said there was no reason for their innocent lives to be taken.

Hopefully their killers are apprehended soon and brought to justice.

By:Jamila Abdul Wahab


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