Plastic Ban – Malawian Activist Win Award 3 Years After


Malawian woman wins award for championing ban of plastic waste

Concerned about the mountains of plastic waste, the harm and pollution it continues to cause, Gloria Majjiga Kamoto a Malawian, forced out the plastic industry by leading a galvanized movement supporting the national ban of tin plastic that finally got Malawi’s high court to uphold the ban of its production, importation, distribution and use in July 2019.

Gloria Majjiga Kamoto

In recognition of her efforts, Majjiga was awarded with the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

The death of a goat from accidental plastic consumption during a free livestock distribution project. That loss was the big push needed to champion the ban on tin plastic causing so much loss to not just livestock farmers but farmers in general especially when a survey carried out in the community of Mponela revealed that 40% of slaughtered animals had plastic in their guts that caused intestinal damage.

Seeing that the majority of the Malawian population depended on this for their livelihood gives clarity as to the severity of the situation and even though those involved in the plastic business claim to have generated job opportunities, the bad outweighs the benefit to the few.

After pushing for the ban in 2018 through mobilization of people, funds and taking the case to court with the plastic suppliers as well as organizing rallies and marches paid off eventually and plastic was finally banned in Malawi in 2019.

By: Jamila Abdul Wahab


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