Kenya: Nairobi Governor bans spitting and blowing of the nose in public

Kenya: Nairobi Governor bans spitting and blowing of the nose in public

Nairobi’s governor, Ann Kananu has accepted and approved a measure that prevents spitting and blowing of noses in public without a handkerchief. Culprits may suffer an Sh10,000 fine or a six-month jail term for either of the acts stated above.

In her bid to make the capital of the East African nation the cleanest in the country, Ann Kanaku who was sworn in as Deputy Governor in January 2021 has settled on stringent measures as her best options to achieving her dream clean Nairobi. She has thus decided to take measures that she believes will help keep the city clean and hygienic. Upon completing the signing, the governor said “the city ought to to be clean and hygienic as it is the fave of Kenya”.

Aside from spitting and blowing the nose in public without handkerchiefs which are now punishable, the playing of loud music in public places has also been outlawed. People who also have a habit of urinating at any open space they can position themselves once the need to urinate arise are now also under the radar of authorities as such acts are now considered offensive with the ban on urinating at unauthorized places.

Additionally, persons who allow their pets or fowls to roam in the streets will also be punished as the act is considered a public irritant.

Hawking in the streets and using instruments to make a loud sound for advertisement purposes are also banned. Motorist and drivers who also use footpath are also liable to punishment as the act is considered a road nuisance.

The planting of trees is an act that is encouraged by most countries to enhance the beautification of their environments but in this case, the planting of trees and flowers in footpaths is considered an offence and persons involved will be punished.

By: George Addo

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