Young Wife Of Japanese Millionaire Arrested 3 Years After Suspected Murder Of Husband

Kosuke Nozaki and Saki Sudo

Who would be the first suspect if a 77-year-old man worth 28 million US dollars married to a 22-year-old is found dead with a questionable amount of substance in his system?

Saki Sudo 22 at the time now 25 has been arrested in Japan for allegedly poisoning her older husband Kosuke Nozaki with a form of a stimulant drug. The incident took place in 2018. Nozaki popularly, Don Juan from an authored book was a well-known business mogul who left at his death wealth worth 28 million US dollars to be inherited by his wife.

There may be doubts considering the drug type [perhaps he was trying to meet up with the energy level of his young and energetic wife through stimulants], but then it might not have to do with the drug as much as the quantity involved and then the issue of the fortune to be inherited at his death as well as searches found on different stimulants is not helping paint Saki Sudo an innocent picture. 

In fact, from investigations revealed by The Japan Times, she may be facing charges of premeditated murder. Apparently, she had first met him at an airport “helping” him at a fall proceeded to marry him but failed to let family and acquaintances know of her then-current relationship status because obviously she did not plan to be saddled for too long as at just three months, became a widow.

Fact that Nozaki was interested only in younger women and one would think a lesson would be learnt from the last girlfriend before Sudo, a 20-year-old who had stolen from him. 

Indeed what will likely kill is what is most obstinate.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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