Ingrid Betancourt finally receive apologies for her abduction by FARC rebels


Abductors of Columbian politician and former Senator render apologies to her

Ingrid Betancourt - Columbian Politician, Former Senator and rights activist

Ingrid Betancourt finally confronted her captors twenty years after her kidnap. The former Columbian Presidential candidate was abducted and held by FARC rebels.

During a trip to a campaign in a small settlement called San Vicente, Betancourt was unfortunate to have a run-in with the FARC. A radical group formed to represent the rights of the ordinary downtrodden Columbian and the then-candidate through a series of unfavourable coincidences landed in the group’s territory and was remanded alongside a campaign team member. For more than six years she was held in the Columbian jungle before her rescue in 2008.

Recently in a Truce Commission meeting in light of the 2016 Peace treaty that ended years of civil unrest, she finally got an apology for the ordeal she suffered. Her response was to remind them that her abduction was not a political bargaining chip and would have appreciated an honest to heart apology in a different setting.

The former kidnapped victim forgave her kidnappers however for the benefit of her mind’s peace not failing to remind them to desist from the bad habit of kidnapping and drug dealings. 

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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