Technology or Criminology?

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Do you use a smartphone and download apps from PlayStore?

Have you had issues with losing data at an unexplainable rate?

Is it normal or should there be a cause for caution?

Indeed there’s a serious reason to worry,  especially these days when almost everybody owns a mobile device ranging from featured phones otherwise called “yam”, to smartphones. With that comes many virtual shops for downloading numerous of these applications which cover education, security, health, entertainment and more.

Quite harmless shouldn’t it be, making optimum use of conveniences provided for on your mobile device?

An interview with a Software expert Demitrius Maniatrias reveals that what seems so harmless is anything but. Like fishes swim in the water, fraudsters are drawn to this technological sea full of potential unsuspecting victims.

According to the expert, these cyber miscreants have flooded the Google App Store with Malware Apps with such careful designs it is even tasking for them [experts] to differentiate from the authentic versions at times.

This malware is created to infiltrate certain permissions within the phone especially through 95% of game Apps and some betting and carry billing Apps.  

Mr Demitrius confirmed the rise of Malware Apps in Nigeria, Indonesia, Kenya and fast-rising in other parts of the world because of the increasing demand for game Apps.

How can users then avoid falling victim to cyber crackers?

Users of featured phones are not left out completely with false notification claims and access requests. Tech users, in general, are to be extremely wary of certain popup requests for permissions to access that are unnecessary and or to the functions of the phone or downloaded App in the case of smartphone owners.

Read reviews and product descriptions and make certain your device’s software is up-to-date. Start keeping track to detect any change in the battery’s lifespan or data longevity.

Indeed there may not be a permanent resolution of nefarious cyber activities but we sure can take measures in reducing its effect.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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