Your flagship programs are ‘short-sighted’ – Mahama mocks Akufo-Addo

Your flagship programs are ‘short-sighted’ – Mahama mocks Akufo-Addo

Former President Mahama has hit hard at President Akufo-Addo referring to his flagship programs as short-sighted, populist, ad-hoc and poorly conceived.

Per Mr Mahama’s estimation, these programs have not impacted the lives of Ghanaians as expected.

This criticism of the government by Mr Mahama was during the unveiling of an app for the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network of the National Democratic Congress held at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA ) Auditorium in Accra on Monday, March 21 2022.

He said, “hardship in the country has led the nation to a scale we have never witnessed in the last 30-years of our fourth republic.

“Daily price increases, fuel price adjustments and nose-diving currency which has rather arrested the person who said he had arrested it. The dollar has rather arrested him. So we are looking for him we can’t find him. We will ask the IGP if he has the key so that we could find where our Vice President was.”

“We are gathered at the time when our country is facing economic and social hardship. The Akufo-Addo led government that came to power on the back of mouth-watering promises to make life better for Ghanaians and ensure rapid development of our country has so badly mismanaged the economy. We have been plunged into the most debilitating economic crisis in our four decades,” Mr Mahama added.

He further jabbed the government saying,  “General incompetence, corruption, and waste of scarce resources have combined to make lives simply unbearable for the generality of Ghanaians. No group is perhaps a harder hit than the young people of this country. The issues that affect the youth of Ghana who dominate our population are many and in these times of severe economic downturn, they have inevitably been worse off than perhaps any other demographic group in Ghana.

“The government has been so poor in its policymaking and delivery in education that at all levels from basic through secondary, right up to tertiary, the students of Ghana are suffering immeasurably.

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“Non-release of funds, poor management of curricula, erratic school calendars. Ghana is currently experiencing the highest level of unemployment recorded in the fourth republic, at an estimated 14 per cent.

“This government’s response has been the adoption of short-sighted, populist, ad hoc and poorly conceived programmes that have done more harm than good. Even those enrolled on the knee-jerk NABCO programme have found themselves at home after three years and have remained unpaid for several months.”

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