You will be sanctioned if you start campaigning – John Boadu warns aspirants

You will be sanctioned if you start campaigning – John Boadu warns aspirants

The National Executive Committee of the New Patriotic Party has expressed its readiness to discipline and sanction both Parliamentary and Presidential aspirants who are found campaigning before the party officially gives the green light to do so.

General Secretary of the party, John Boadu made this known during the Western Regional NPP annual delegates conference held at Tarkwa when he disclosed that the party has not yet given the green light for the commencement of campaigns.

He then sent a word of caution to the aspirants and their supporters to stop campaigning else they risk being sanctioned.

According to him, some of the punishments if you flout the rules include “the prevention of the aspirant from contesting at all, suspension from the party, membership can be withdrawn. So far, the people have respected the code of conduct of the party. All the same, we will still remind them that the ban is still in place. They should wait and not start testing waters too early. The National Executive Council at the appropriate time will open nominations for people who want to contest both the Parliamentary and Presidential positions to offer themselves to the people”, he said.

Another highlight of the conference was the intention of a former legislator and Minister in the erstwhile Kufuor administration, Asamoah Boateng to contest for the party’s National Chairmanship position.

He said he is confident that his years of experience in many capacities and offices within the NPP makes him a better candidate for the position.

“I will not sit in the office, but go down to the grounds. The second point is that I am someone who can bridge the gap between the government and the party. This is because I have been a Minister, an MP, an organizer and I have been the head of Corporate Ghana in government now. So I understand both the wing of the party in Parliament and also on the grounds.”

“So bridging that gap is something I can do. Then there is another thing that I want to highlight, thus bringing back the love and discipline in the party. If we have that, then it is easy to mobilize, easy to show love and be accessible to the grassroots. We need to bring them on board and motivate them to move and that is the motivation I’m bringing on board“, he said.

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah who was also present at the conference assured the delegates that, the NPP is working for the region and challenged the party supporters to continue to work for the party.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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