Students Sleep On The Floor Due To Lack Of Beds In Some Senior High Schools – Minority Tells Akufo-Addo


Minority MPs have in a long statement chronicled the various issues plaguing Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS policy.

The statement contained various categories of problems including Funding, Infrastructure and Feeding. It sought to bring to fore the concerns of the minority about the policy. Also, it blamed government’s lack of foresightedness in implementing the policy as the reasons for this ‘looming crisis’ in Senior High Schools.

Furthering their case, they catalogued the various challenges in infrastructure that threaten the policy. Additionally, they listed some actions which if were taken rightly would have avoided the occurrence of what they describe as looming crisis.

Below is the portion of their statement on infrastructure.

Concerning infrastructure, they stated that if the government had continued with Mahama’s E-Block projects, the issue of congestion would have been avoided.

“These challenges include inadequate infrastructure among others. It remains the greatest challenge that the Free SHS policy has faced since its introduction. This was foreseen by the NDC government led by President John Dramani Mahama that the higher intakes would demand more infrastructure to meet the demands of classroom and dormitory space. It is in view of this that we began the building of 200 E-Block facilities as Community Senior High schools to ensure that access to secondary education is brought more closer to the people of the country.”

Also, they stated that DOUBLE-TRACK is a primary consequence of the infrastructure deficit and would have been easily avoided.

“It must also be noted that it is due to the infrastructure deficit in the educational sector that led to the introduction of the obnoxious DOUBLE TRACK system, for the first time in the history of secondary education in this country.”

The Minority concerns come on the back of public outburst by parents after management for the Ghana Education Services postponed reopening date for final year SHS students without prior consultation.

By: Clifford Adumbire |


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