Stop engaging in cronyism and nepotism while the masses suffer – Mahama schools Akufo-Addo

Stop engaging in cronyism and nepotism while the masses suffer – Mahama schools Akufo-Addo

National Democratic Congress Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections John Dramani has lashed out at President Akufo-Addo, accusing him of engaging in cronyism and nepotism amidst the economic woes Ghanaians find themselves in.

He pointed out that incumbent President Akufo-Addo has not been able to honour the many promises he made to Ghanaians before the 2016 election, and at this point is bereft of ideas on how to run the country.

Delivering his speech at the NDC’s ‘Ghana at a crossroads’ event in Accra, John Mahama said, “the NPP government came into office in January 2017 on the back of mouthwatering promises of an almost instant transformation of our country… An assessment of our current conditions shows that what is happening bears very little or no resemblance to what was promised.”

“Over the last several months, our political space and societal reactions have been dominated by discussion on the challenges of introducing even more taxes. These conversations have taken place against the backdrop of unparalleled cronyism, nepotism and breaches of the basic tenets of conflict of interest, transparency and accountable government and misplaced spending by the president and his inner circle,” he added.

John Mahama also bemoaned that the current state of the country under the Akufo-Addo government does not resonate with any glimmer of hope for citizens.

“The painful epiphany is that, in Ghana today, the frustrations of the Ghanaian people are at an all-time high. We are at a crossroads that is acutely complicated by the doubts and fears of our next generations in the face of a future that carries no expectations of success in their lives. For most Ghanaians, the feeling of despondency and hopelessness is real and personal. It is exacerbated by the growing trend of inequality and lack of upwards social mobility,” he said.

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