NPP must admit that things are bad – Boakye Agyarko

NPP must admit that things are bad – Boakye Agyarko

Boakye Agyarko, a former Energy Minister has called on his party to admit that Ghana’s economy is in a dire situation.

He explained that it will be the first step toward tackling the challenges and putting the country back on track with economic progress.

During an interview on Asempa FM, Mr Agyarko said the government must consciously psych citizens to brace themselves for tough economic times and take the necessary measures to restore fiscal discipline, adding that public financial management must be prioritized.

“The economy is not in a good place. That is the first admission we have to make boldly. And we have to put plans in place that call for a collective sacrifice. Let’s share the pain. We are in a situation now where we have played so much, and now we are in dire times. We have to psych the nation for the difficulties ahead of us. We have to take our public financial management seriously and take our responsibility as citizens seriously. No one will come from anywhere to meet those standards,” he said.

Help us. We have to admit that we are living above our standards, we either come down or double up to meet those standards,” he said.

Meanwhile, he has indicated his readiness to contest in the NPP’s upcoming presidential primaries and says that he will turn down an appointment to serve in the Akufo-Addo government since he is currently focused on his presidential ambition.

“I am pursuing my own presidential ambition, for which a lot of people kicked against right from the beginning. I will not abandon it to go and do any other thing. I am focused on what I have to do for myself and my nation. That is my focus. If you serve with all your strength and the person doesn’t appreciate it, you move on. If I cannot give something a hundred per cent, I will not do it. I’m I not deserving of being the flagbearer of the NPP?” the 66-year-old quizzed.

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