No Ghanaian should support the Electoral Commission’s decision – Kofi Adams

No Ghanaian should support the Electoral Commission’s decision – Kofi Adams

Mr Kofi Adams, MP for the Buem constituency insists is the decision by the Electoral Commission to use the Ghana Card as the sole source document for Voter Registration is uncalled for.

He indicated the lack of basis for that decision hence the difficulty in justifying it.

Explaining his stance on the issue on TV3 on 24th September 2022, he stated that once the EC has not been able to give credible reasons why it is doing away with the guarantor system which has been used all these years then the EC has no justification to want support for its decision.

“This shouldn’t be defended by any Ghanaian,” he said.

Mr Adams’ stance on the situation goes to buttress his party, the National Democratic Congress’ position on the issue as it has resisted the EC’s insistence to carry out the process using the Ghana card as the sole document as proof, a decision the party claims undermines Ghana’s democracy.

It said the decision of the EC comes with two implications; the first being radically changing how one proves his identification for voting purposes in the country and the second one being it flouts Article 42 of the constitution which talks about the voting rights of citizens.

“They would have been denied the right provided for them under Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution,” the party said.

“The 1992 Constitution provides only three conditions for registration as a voter; The person has to be a citizen of Ghana; The person must be of sound mind; The person must be eighteen years old or above. which makes the EC decision unconstitutional,” the NDC insists.

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