NDC supporters are only interested in saying we are lying, they don’t read – Bawumia 

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has bemoaned the state in which their[NPP] political opponents are quick to tag the government of the day as a liar on most of the promises or projects it undertakes. 

On Monday 26th September, speaking at the commissioning of the Cape Coast roads as part of the ‘Sinohydro projects’ he stated that though the opposition fails to understand things and doesn’t seek information, the Akufo-Addo-led government always remain honest and truthful in its promises and delivery of those promises. 

Dr Bawumia said the project sod cutting was done on 21st November 2019, and work commenced in December 2019 and it has been delivered according to schedule. However, their opponents were up in arms with the government saying it was impossible. 

“Today marks yet another day of the commission of yet another Sinohydro project ‘fiili fiili’. Unfortunately for some of our opponents when we say something and they don’t understand instead of asking for an explanation and also reading about it, they don’t like to read, they don’t ask for explanation, they just say you are lying,” Bawumia said. 

He concluded that the opposition is silent over the project because the NPP government has proven it delivers and understands things better.

“As we commission the project, they are silent; they are no longer saying it is not possible,” he added. 

The Sinohydro project is a US $2bn Master Project Support arrangement made between the governments of China and Ghana to ensure the success of a ‘bauxite for development’ barter deal, which leverages part of Ghana’s bauxite to undertake a massive overhaul of infrastructural, industrial and agricultural base projects. These include hospital projects, the extension of electricity to some rural communities, residential buildings for the Judicial Service, construction of courts, landfill sites and industrial parks amongst others. 

In 2018, Ghana and China sealed this agreement to address significant infrastructure challenges in Ghana. Under the deal, Sinohydro Group Limited of China will provide the infrastructure of Ghana’s government choice in exchange for Ghana’s refined bauxite.


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