Much of the covid-19 funds were diverted for NPP campaign – Mahama alleges

Much of the covid-19 funds were diverted for NPP campaign – Mahama alleges

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has alleged that a chunk of the Covid-19 funds was diverted for campaigning purposes by the NPP during the 2020 election.

This allegation came up during an interview session on Genesis FM in the Ahafo region this morning. The NDC’s 2020 flagbearer alleged that most of the Covid-19 funds which the government secured both from the international community and internally were not used for its intended purposes but rather found their way into the campaign treasury of the NPP.

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He argued that even if the government didn’t want to use the covid-19 funds for the purpose of fighting covid and alleviating post-covid economic situations, they could have used the money to construct school buildings or roads which will benefit the country rather than using them for political party campaign. 

Another allegation he made was that most community water supply companies who were also asked to provide free water for the people as part of government’s freebies during the peak of covid haven’t been paid by the government leaving them “in jeopardy hence their inability to adequately supply water.”

The opposition leader refuted claims that he and the NDC are against the Agenda 111 health infrastructure project because it will aid in the provision of proper healthcare which he stands for and worked toward when he was the president of this country. “Agenda 111 is a good idea, no one is speaking against it. We are asking the president to complete abandoned health projects,” he said. The challenge he claimed the NDC has is the abandonment of some hospitals and health infostructure started by the NDC government with some near completion but rotting away.

 He also called on the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and other religious leaders to be a bit circumspect in their speech with regards to this matter.

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