May God make your opponents have sleepless nights whilst you rest in 2021-Sam George Teases 4am NPP MPs


The member of parliament for Ningo-Prampram has taken to social media to tease members of Parliament in the NPP caucus in Parliament for sleeping in Parliament just to occupy the majority side of the house. The 8th Parliament of the 4th republic ushered in a new era in Ghanaian politics where there was neither a majority nor minority as at the time of the election of a new Speaker for the house. The even split brought a lot of tension and after members on the NDC caucus went to parliament early on the eve of the dissolution of the 7th parliament and occupied the Majority side, the NPP decided to ensure a no repeat.

Both parties were preparing for the first sitting of the 8th Parliament without clear minds as to who is majority or minority as they both claimed majority. This was even still the case after Independent MP for Fomena Constituency declared in a writing to the Speaker that he would do business with the NPP caucus thus giving them a slim majority.

Ghanaians woke up to pictures NPP MPs in white sleeping in the chamber ahead of sitting scheduled for 10am flooding the internet especially social media. That got many wondering as to why and the most logical conclusion was it being an act to prevent the NDC caucus from repeating the 7th December trend. Well, the cat has being let out of the bag and it seems the NPP MPs were triggered into action by Hon. Sam George and Hon. Muntaka Mubarak of the NDC. This was brought to light in a Facebook post by Sam George detailing what caused the “4am Show” in Parliament. He wrote:

See this 8th Parliament is going to be bae. Trust me. Let me tell you a true story.Last night at about 8:30pm, myself and my Chief Whip, Hon. Muntaka had to go back to Parliament to take care of a few things. Just as we were about to go up the escalator, we ran in Hon Atta Akyea who enquired what we were doing in Parliament at that time.We replied that we had arrived for sitting the next day! You needed to see the shock on his face as he walked away. He apparently notified his side and made them rush to Parliament at 4am to sleep in the chamber.Well, we were in bed getting our beauty sleep at that time as we had agreed to get to the Chamber at 10am. There was no need for a rush or anything. We had won the battle and the war. We had elected the Speaker we wanted. Even if they come to the Chamber at 2am everyday for the next 4 years, the NDC Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin is the Speaker of Parliament. May God make your opponents have sleepless nights whilst you rest in 2021. May they chase their shadows whilst you watch in humour and may they sleep when the time for work is due. May God force your opponents to play nonsense. Amen

The Speaker has meanwhile in the first sitting settled who is Majority and Minority as he declared the NPP and the Independent MP group as Majority.

See Sam George’s post below and the reactions.

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