‘Incompetent Bawumia, where are the Police reforms?’ – Protestors ask Veep

Ghanaians ask Bawumia where the Police reforms are

March For Justice protestors display placards

Ghanaians today witnessed the much-publicized MarchForJustice championed by the youth of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC. Prominent in the plans of the protest organizers was to present petitions to both the President and the Speaker of Parliament which they eventually did.

But as seen in every demonstration, placards are the medium majority of protestors often use to send their message to the general public. These short messages often printed and pasted on wooden boards are what makes everyone in the demonstration often feel involved.

Our cameras caught one such message among the crowd of protestors who filled major streets in Accra to pour out their concerns to the government. There were some such as “No Justice For The Dead, No Peace, Abdallah Ayaric Deserved To Live, Ghana Youth Arise For Your Country, Enough Of The Intimidation” and others, one caption stood out.

A placard with the caption "Incompetent Bawumia, Where are the Police Reforms?"
A placard with the caption “Incompetent Bawumia, Where are the Police Reforms?”

It was a direct message to Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who is the Chairman of the Police. These protestors want to find out where the numerous reforms he spoke about concerning the Police Service are. This is because they believe a reformed Police is not the one that intimidates and shoots civilians. So they are asking, “Incompetent Bawumia, Where Are The Police Reforms?”

By: Clifford Adumbire | myactiveonline.com


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