Bawumia was just an overhyped economic messiah – Ivan Kyei

Bawumia was just an overhyped economic messiah – Ivan Kyei

A political analyst and social commentator Ivan Kyei Innocent have said the economic woes of the country currently does not give any hint that the management team is led by the once touted and preached about the economic messiah, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Commenting on how Dr Bawumia was hyped as the much-touted economic messiah on the New Patriotic Party Campaign trails has now found it difficult to make things work, the unimpressed Ivan Kyei said those credentials do not match the performance and that is why Ghanaians do not trust politicians anymore.

“Right now politicians are not trusted in Ghana and this has made Ghanaians bundle all of them up,” he noted, adding, “how are we able to cushion Ghanaians as now Tema Oil Refinery which plays a crucial role is now a white elephant,” pointing to the increasing fuel prices in the country. 

The vociferous analyst did not mince words as he chastised the current government saying “they came to satisfy their selfish and parochial interest”.

He could not fathom how budgetary allocation to the Presidency in recent times had hit a mind-boggling GHS3 billion as he made a comparison to the budgetary allocation to that of the erstwhile Mahama administration which was GHS79 million and grew steadily through the five years to the amount we have now. A worried Mr Kyei Innocent lamented saying “Nobody seems to be worried about this phenomenon”. 

He added that the management of the Nation Builder Corps of which beneficiaries are crying out should not be used as a justification for the wanton dissipation of state resources and cited “Dirty designation  aimed at satisfying party people  wherefrom almost 950 presidential staffers in the previous administration to 1,500 presidential staffers all drawing salary from state coffers.’’

Mr Kyei Innocent also cited how the budgetary allocation to the presidency is almost half the targeted projection of revenue to be accrued from the controversial Electronic transaction levy.

In conclusion, he pointed at excessive political intoxication among the political elite “grossly deepened in the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party as well where we tend to play politics with crucial issues” as the cause of what the nation currently is going through. 

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