Akufo-Addo is satisfied with fulfilling his childhood, he doesn’t care about Ghanaians – Fred Agbenyo

Fred Agbenyo

Fred Agbenyo

Deputy International Relation Officer of the National Democratic Congress Fred Agbenyo has underscored the need for President Akufo-Addo to listen to the complaints and advice of Ghanaians.

He stressed the importance of such a practice in finding solutions in a tough economic rea such as now. During a discussion on TV3 on 24th October 2022, he noted that “As a leader, it is sometimes fair that you listen to the people”.

Mr Agbenyo speaking on the dwindling fortunes of the economy said “some players in the banking industry are of the view that the numerous speculations are causing the cedi’s woes to deepen”. 

Lashing out at the government for its poor performance, especially of its ministers, he said “it is the President’s responsibility to bring capable men and women to run affairs at the various ministries if that is not done the citizenry will criticize”.

He said President Akufo-Addo has refused to reshuffle his minister despite his own party members joining the loud calls for a reshuffle. “Even your members are saying the water has stayed in the bottle for too long so you should pour it,” he stated.

According to Mr Agbenyo, people have lost confidence in the president. “When you engage people they do not have confidence in the president. The people of this country don’t believe the president because he hasn’t lived by what he says.

“I don’t believe it because his body language and utterances have not given me the confidence that he wants us to bounce back. He has said it many times.”

According to the vociferous politician, “just an announcement alone that the Minister has been replaced could inspire some confidence”.

Delving into issues the citizens have with the Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, Mr Agbenyo said “it is Data Bank acting as an advisor to the Finance Minister is what is making the citizens angrier considering the Finance Minister’s relationship with the bank”.

He then stated, “if it was Former President Mahama who had used his brother’s company for such deals we would have been singing a different song”.

Expressing concern about the President’s recent comments that he does not care if people opted to vote for the NDC, Mr Agbenyo said “this country belongs to everybody so that sense of entitlement needs to be checked,” adding that “by his utterance, you can see that he is satisfied with fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a president. His body language, his utterances do not look like someone who wants the economy to bounce back”.


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