Akufo-Addo blames foreign entities for coups in Africa

Akufo-Addo blames foreign entities for coups in Africa

President Akufo-Addo has revealed the involvement of some foreign entities in deposing democratically elected governments in Africa.

He explained that while internal elements carry out the coup, it allures to the interest of some of these foreign entities who take advantage of the situation to cement their influence and seek their interest on the continent.

At the Opening of the 2022 African Union Reflection Forum on Unconstitutional Changes of Governments in Africa; President  Akufo-Addo, who doubles as Chairman of ECOWAS bemoaned how some of these foreign countries instigate coup-makers with disinformation campaigns to topple their governments.

“As much as the drivers are largely domestic, the international dimension cannot be overlooked. Foreign involvement in fomenting unconstitutional changes often in favour of repressive governments, foreign economic interest, and other would-be geopolitical benefits are contributory factors. Some foreign entities regard coups in Africa as the means of enhancing their regional ambitions, as such, they engage in all forms of disinformation campaigns in a bid to disparage the authority of democratically elected governments and instigate opposition protests against incumbents,” Akufo-Addo said.

He seized the opportunity to call on  African governments to stick to the regional and continental agreements fighting against unconstitutional take-over of governments, reiterating that the occurrence of coups on the continent destroys the continent’s economic fortunes.

“The reappearance of coups in Africa in all its forms and manifestations must be condemned by all since it seriously undermines our collective bid to rid the continent of the menace of instability and unconstitutional change of governments.”

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