We can’t blame politicians for the hardships – Avraham Ben Moshe

Avram Ben Moshe

Avraham Ben Moshie, the outspoken social media figure who is famed for his criticism of religion has stated that the government desires to make citizens face economic hardship.

in an interview with Clement Annor on the “ Is This Ghana” show on Active TV on 17th November 2022, Mr Avraham Ben Moshe made his thought known on the Galamsey saga following the premiere of the investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas which caught a Deputy Finance Minister Charles Adu Boahen in an inappropriate position leading to his sacking by the President.

On the 14th of November 2022, the video was premiered by Anas and his Tiger Eye PI team and in it was Mr Adu Boahen who was caught charging $200,000 as an appearance fee for investors seeking to meet vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Mr Avraham made it known that the politicians are not to be blamed but their actions and the things they did in the dark have now come to light and have caught up with them.

“Our politicians are not to be blamed but they are making us blame them. Just like the increments in fuel prices, the president is not to be blamed but we blame him. Their own words are eating them up,” Avram stated.

He proceeded that the galamsey saga or issues concerning galamsey were a strong political campaign policy for Akufo-Addo during his campaign for the 2020 election

“In one of Nana Addo’s speeches during the campaign he promised to make the people of Dunka-on-Offin operate and go ahead with their galamsey works,” Avraham explained.

“Spirituality is not the only thing to make or push forward a country. Prayer is not the answer to the problem. Prayer does not solve problems. God will not give you angels but rather give you people.”

He urged that he wants Ghanaians to come together as the country is blessed with resources but the leaders out of greed and selfishness are not making good use of them.

“The country is blessed with natural resources yet our leaders are impervious to reason. It is about time we come together and put pressure on the government officials,” he noted.

By: Selasie Adjah


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