Tipper truck driver buries a toddler under construction sand

Tipper truck driver buries a toddler under construction sand

On Wednesday evening, a tipper truck unloaded sand on a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler in Awutu Ahuntem, a village near Bawjiase in the Central Region.

The boy died as a result of the incident, which occurred around 6 pm. on October 13, 2021.

A truck driver had brought sand to deliver to the father of the toddler who had requested it and when the tipper truck arrived and the man was notified, he was notified, he went outside to greet the driver.

According to Graphic Online, the child accompanied the father outside without his knowledge. The father was said to have been focused on instructing the tipper truck driver on where he was supposed to unload the sand.

The vehicle moved after finishing offloading.

When the father returned inside, he was unable to locate the youngster with whom he had previously been playing. He asked his wife, and they began scouring and scanning the vicinity for him.

They raised an alert, and after some time had passed, other neighbours encouraged them to explore the sand. They discovered the deceased body stuck beneath the sand after digging through the sand.

When questioned, the driver stated that he did not see anyone behind him and that he followed the instructions of the child’s father. The deceased’s father also claimed he had no idea the youngster had followed him outside.

The body was taken to the morgue and the case has been submitted to the Awutu Bawjiase Police Station.

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