Tewu set to join UTAG, and others in a massive industrial action

Tewu set to join UTAG, and others in a massive industrial action

The planned industrial action by the Labour unions in the public universities which is set to kickstart on Thursday 13th October 2022 has had another group, the Tertiary Education Workers Union show solidarity as it pledged to join.

In a statement to reveal its intention, the group demanded that it wants any directive that affects its members’ conditions of service at public universities be scrapped. It called on its members to wait for further instructions from leadership on what action to take next.

An intended industrial action of the University Teachers Association of Ghana, Teachers and Educational Workers Union, Federation of University Senior Staff Association Ghana, and the Ghana Association of University Administrators looms on October 13 if the government does not intervene.

The groups revealed in a statement that after a series of meetings and deliberations by UTAG, SSA-UoG, TEWU and FUSSAG, they have decided to embark on the industrial action on October 13 2022.

“This gives the employer and all stakeholders of tertiary education in Ghana one crucial week to reverse the directive that seeks to negatively compromise the Conditions of Service of University Workers,” part of the statement read.

“Meanwhile, the national leadership of the labour unions in the public universities in Ghana entreat all members to stay calm and cooperate with Leadership as we navigate this trying moment.”

Initially, the labour Unions gave the government till Wednesday, 5th October 2022 to bring back their conditions of service as both parties agreed on.

The groups expressed anger that the government took a unilateral decision to vary their conditions of service. They indicated the government is yet to respond to the mistakes the labour unions drew its attention to.

“We wish to state that the Ministry of Finance, through GTEC, should ensure that the conditions after the support of staff welfare in extricating them from economic hostilities will not disadvantage them relative to the Conditions of Service of members of Labour Unions in Public Universities.

Also, the unions called on the Vice Chancellors and Finance Directors not to agree to the GHS10.99 ex-pump approved rate without recourse to car maintenance and off-campus allowance.

They further cautioned that the government’s inability to address these concerns will lead to total withdrawal of service.

On the other hand, Mr Austin Gamey, a labour expert advised the government to meet with the aggrieved unions to deliberate with them and address their issues.

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