Takoradi Technical University suspends 65 students for examination malpractices

Takoradi Technical University suspends 65 students for two semester for examination malpractice

Takoradi Technical University gate

The Takoradi Technical University in the Western region has rusticated sixty-five (65) students of the University for various examination malpractices.

According to the document, the affected students can no longer hold themselves as students of TTU for two semesters.

Confirming the university’s decision, Public Relations Officer of Takoradi Technical University, Ekow Payin Nketsiah Richardson, explained that the decision was taken after the disciplinary committee exhausted all its processes and took the decision to rusticate the affected students effective from the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year

“As a centre of excellence we can achieve a lot only if we churn out good products, and it involves discipline. We want the corporate world to value our certificates, examination malpractices is a serious offence and the school frowns on that.”

Richardson added that out of the sixty-five rusticated, fifty-one (51) of them are males while fourteen (14) of them are females.

The hardest-hit department was the HND Mechanical with seventeen (17) rusticated students followed by HND Electrical with seven (7) rusticated students.

Other departments including welding, construction, accounting, among others had between five (5) to just a student rusticated.

Meanwhile a level 300 procurement and supply student, Constance Asante has initiated legal processes against the management of Takoradi Technical University for including her name in the list of students who have been rusticated for various examination malpractices.

Uncle of the student, Kingsley Fredricks has also accused the disciplinary committee of TTU of what he claims to be twisting of facts of her sibling when she appeared before the committee after she was charged with what the University termed as misconduct.

Constance Asante was charged with unacceptable conduct;improper use of University’s logo without authorization, assembling and plotting to organize an unlawful demonstration, inciting students against management and displaying posters to demonstrate on all social media without approval.

But her uncle in a separate interview with Emmanuel Ohene-Gyan denied all the charges claiming that his niece only wanted a breakdown of the school fees structure after they realized that the school fees posted to students for payment are different from what was on the students portal.

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