Replace Fair Wages and Salaries Commission with Independent Emoluments Commission – Smith-Graham

Replace Fair Wages and Salaries Commission with Independent Emoluments Commission – Smith-Graham

A move to review the current Single Spine Pay Policy is being supported by the Former Chief Executive Officer of the Fair Wages and Salary Commission.

Reiterating the need for a review, Mr Smith-Graham said the Single Spine Pay Policy has not served its purpose of promoting the interest of public sector employees, a situation he believes has largely contributed to labour agitations in the country

“I think there is a need for review. I remember in my handing over notes in 2007, I indicated the need for a review of the single spine pay policy, the reason is that jobs are not static. The Single Spine was introduced to avoid survival of the fittest where unions and administrations will go fighting for something uniquely among themselves and leave other institutions behind.”

“After ten years, there is the need to review the salary structure so you see whether there is the need for changes in the job, improvement in the jobs, job content and all that,” he argued.

Mr Graham also believes that the review should not happen in a vacuum.

While considerations of a review are underway, Mr Graham believes various stakeholders should also consider replacing the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission with an independent Emoluments Commission.

“The solution to this problem is not just the review but we need to revisit the Constitutional Review Commission recommendation of the Independent Emolument Commission. Once we establish that, all these issues will end once and for all.”

His opinion comes in the wake of the government’s considerations of a review of the Single Spine Pay Policy.

President Akufo-Addo has stated that he is hopeful that the report of the technical committee constituted to review the Single Spine Pay Policy will help to avert the many agitations on the labour front, especially those involving public sector workers.

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