Paul Adom Otchere has usurped the powers of the procurement department of GACL – Social activist

Paul Adom Otchere has usurped the powers of the procurement department of GACL – Social activist

Based on Media Personality and Board Chairman Mr Paul Adom Otchere’s justification on the purchase of Christmas tree for the Ghana Airports Company Limited, a Social Activist Mr Stephen Attuh has slammed him saying words from his [adom Otchere] own mouth point to procurement breaches on the part of Mr Adom Otchere.

For Mr Attuh, what he perceives about the whole situation is that it was only the Board Chairman who purchased the Christmas tree and used his media platform to justify the move which is very worrying.

Mr Attuh went ahead to point out that per procurement law when a company is in the process of purchasing something and it exceeds a certain amount threshold it needs to be opened up for competitive bidding and negation for the best offer to bring their product and all points Mr. Adom Otchere raised point to the fact that he was wrong in that regard.

He also reiterated that as a Board Chairman you have no business in interfering with the procurement process of the company.

According to Mr Attuh, the issue is more than just meets the eye as another alleged twist to the whole situation is that the said Christmas tree was hired rather than purchased.

And wondered why Mr. Adom Otchere only criticized the purchase made in 2016 but was silent on the ones made in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

He indicated that what Mr. Adom Otchere is doing is, he has usurped the powers of the procurement department of the Ghana Airports Company Limited which originally they should have been the ones leading the purchase for the said Christmas trees since he Mr. Adom Otchere does not have the locus to do so.

With regards to the clarification, Mr. Attuh accused Mr. Adom Otchere of not regarding the structure of the company because he has the platform to clarify himself where he should have liaised with the Public Relations or Public Affairs department of the company to do so.

For him, Mr. Adom Otchere’s act and attempt to justify himself is totally wrong and should be condemned.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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