Our members don’t trust government to keep its promises – UTAG UG President

Our members don’t trust government to keep its promises – UTAG UG President

Government is not happy with the University of Ghana chapter of the University Teachers Association of Ghana’s decision to vote against the suspension of the strike, describing it as retrogressive.

After a referendum was held to determine whether UTAG members should accept or reject the suspension of the industrial action by the association’s National Executive Committee, 596 members voted to reject the decision to suspend the strike by the National Executive Committee of UTAG while 127 members voted in support of the suspension.

Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education, Kwasi Kwarteng speaking about the situation said, although they are disappointed in the decision of the UG chapter of UTAG, the government will still continue to engage other chapters of UTAG with the hope of ending the stalemate and getting all lecturers to return to the lecture halls.

“It is very surprising that you have the NEC of a credible organization like UTAG saying that they have called off the strike, then you have other divergent views. It really raises a fundamental question on whether or not we are really bent on bringing this issue to an end. But fortunately, we have a majority of the NEC rooting for the decision that they should call off the strike. We in the Ministry of Education will remain committed, and we are very much open to engaging the leadership of UTAG, particularly the decision of the NEC which we believe is the supreme decision of the front,” he said.

However, the President of the UG chapter of UTAG, Dr Samuel Nkumbaan, believes the outcome of the referendum on the subject matter is indicative of the high level of mistrust among members about the government’s assurances to meet their demands.

Dr Samuel Nkumbaan attributed the situation to bad faith on the part of the employer that is why members rejected the suspension of the strike as suggested by the National Executive Council.

“We have been at the table for more than four years, and the main reason for which we have been at the negotiation has not been achieved. From last year, there were a number of MoUs we signed for which members believe that the government side failed to abide by. So the question of handling UTAG’s negotiation in good faith by government will come to play,” he explained.

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