Not even a single pink sheet but you call judges Unanimous FC? – Gary Nimako questions John Mahama

Not even a single pink sheet but you call judges Unanimous FC? – Gary Nimako questions John Mahama

Concerns have been raised by lawyer Gary Nimako Marfo about former President Mahama’s recent criticism of judges.

To him inasmuch as the judges cannot be seen as sacrosanct, “we should be very circumspect of our commentary about the judiciary as it is the last line of defence of our democracy and the only institution that resolves disputes among the citizenry”. 

The lawyer cum politician during an interview on the outdoor version of the Active Morning Show told host Agyenim Boateng Adjaye that Ghanaians should not think the judiciary only resolves political cases but other issues as well.

Lawyer Nimako revealed that on several occasions former president Mahama being a statesman has been advised to be measured on how he is criticising the judges as it is bad for Ghana’s democracy and making most of the citizenry lose confidence in the judiciary.

He added that “What he is doing is not critiquing the judiciary it is bastardising the institution of the judiciary”.

Gary Nimako revealed that during a judges’ conference, it could be noted that they were not happy with former President Mahama’s remarks about them but could not reply to him to defend themselves.

He wondered if in the event that former president Mahama wins the elections will he sack all the judges he is criticizing and claims to have lost trust in.

The lawyer further zoomed in on the election petition case of Former President Mahama he jabbed former President Mahama. “He was not able to provide a single pink sheet as evidence in court and now he goes about calling the judges unanimous FC,” he told the host.  

Gary Nimako insisted that former president Mahama’s evidence and pleas to the court were not enough hence all the judges moved to the same side unlike when President Akufo-Addo who lost the election and started the election petition case and was at least able to get four Judges to his side regarding his plea.

To lawyer Nimako, this only goes to law and emphases the fact such a case requires solid proof of evidence for the case to go your way

Since the judges know very well if they do not carefully cite other cases before providing judgement, their ruling could be overturned during an appeal so careful thoughts go into the judges ruling regarding facts, evidence and what the law says about such a case lawyer, Nimako insisted.

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