NCCE Praises Ghanaian Workers As World Observes International Labour Day

May Day flyer

The National Commission on Civic Education has recognized and celebrated the efforts of the entire Ghanaian workforce. The statement from the civic education body was their way of celebrating Ghanaian workers as Ghana join the world to mark International Labour Day.

The commission appreciated the heroic efforts of workers, acknowledging their efforts in the quest to build mother Ghana. The civic education body lauded the fact that even in the extreme face of Covid-19, workers who are the ladder through which the economy grows selflessly went ahead to sacrifice their efforts for the country even at the peril of their lives.

“As the ladder through which the economy of every nation grows, we are concerned about the harsh burden COVID-19 has placed on your shoulders. We doff our hats in recognition of those who went the extra mile to serve even at the peril of their lives.“ the statement read.

The commission appealed to labour unions and employers to offer psychological support to struggling workers. It stated, “while commending workers for their resilience in these times, it is our greatest hope that the various labour unions in conjunction with employers salvage the situation by providing psychological support systems for struggling workers both employed and unemployed.”

It further advised workers to still observe all Covid-19 safety protocols. It urged workers to stay put and not let their guards down as far as the pandemic is concerned as the world still suffers from the grips of it.

Read full statement below

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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