My Mother Got Pregnant For Rawlings During His First Year In The Military – Strange Rawlings Daughter


As the nation mourns one of her most illustrious sons and the longest serving leader of the country, things are seemingly take a new twist.

The usual thing is what we all had anticipated and heard of from the family, the Anlo state and the government but as the nation finally begun the mourning of its former leader, something else popped up and a really strange one at that.

A 52-year old woman has claimed she is the first daughter of Former President Jerry John Rawlings. She claimed the family is aware and Rawlings even before his demise was aware of their relationship. According to the lady Rawlings sent her money to start something for herself.

Giving further details, she alleged that her mother who is a Togolese started dating Rawlings while they were in school. Her mother who is called Rose Agbodzi got pregnant for Rawlings during Rawlings’ first year in the military.

She affirmed that the family of Rawlings is aware and what has pushed her to say this now is the fact that any issue they have and she wants to take part, they relegate her to the background and that is what has pushed her to say this. She added that she is ready for a paternity test to confirm her case and reveal the truth to the public. She said she got to know Rawlings is her father in 2002 and has since being part of the family. She claimed Maame Dokuno is aware of it and warned her she could be harmed and that made her migrate to Togo for her safety.

The story has just started. What do you think of it? Let’s hear from you in the comments section.

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By: Clifford Adumbire |

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