Move to higher grounds, NADMO warns of impending Bagre Dam spillage

Move to higher grounds, NADMO warns of impending Bagre Dam spillage

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has advised the general public to be on the alert and move to higher grounds following the eminent spillage of the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso in the coming days.

According to the release issued by NADMO in the early hours of Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the likely event of the spillage occurring is high putting into consideration the current level of the Dam which is at 234.09 as of today as against the maximum spillage level of 235m.

The release further added that there is a rapid increase in the level of the Dam and a possible opening of the valves could occur between August 27 and 30, 2021.

Since 1999, eight years after the construction of the Bagre multipurpose Hydro Dam on the White Volta sub-basin in Burkina Faso, several communities across the country to the downstream of the White Volta River have experienced series of flood disasters. These disasters have occurred partly because, the Burkinabe power company, Société Nationale Burkinabe d’Electricité (SONABEL) continues to spill excess water from the Bagre Dam in order to maintain the Dam’s 235 meters water holding capacity. From the downstream side, it appears Ghana’s preparedness is still trailing as risk reduction strategies are daunting.

Some of the areas which are likely to be affected by the spillage as observed by our news team due to previous experiences are the regions of Savanna, Northern and the Upper East region. Communities such as Yaroyiri, Namangu, Kukua, Janga, Kpasinkpe, Bunkpurugu, Langbinsi, Sakogu, Gbintiri, Bawku, Zebila, Pwalugu among others.

Below is the full release issued by NADMO:

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