Mahama to address Ghanaians on the state of the economy on Thursday


Former President John Mahama will on Thursday, 27th October 2022 address Ghanaians on the distressed economy, Sammy Gyamfi, the NDC National Communication Officer has revealed.

Sammy Gyamfi revealed this in a tweet which says “John Mahama speaks on Ghana’s collapsed economy and the unprecedented hardships sweeping across the land and the way forward on Thursday 27th October at 7 pm”.

Ex-president Mahama has already commented on the deteriorating economic fortunes of the country while also offering to advise to the government to develop a homegrown policy in readiness for the bailout from the International Monetary Fund.

He has also on numerous occasions reiterated the advice to the government to seek help by calling for a national dialogue on how to salvage the situation.

The last major address of the ex-president was in May when he addressed Ghanaians at Ghana At Crossroads event. During that event, he spoke about the need to make the right choices as a nation to avoid going down on the path of destruction.

“Countrymen and women, Ghana our dear nation is at a Crossroads, and we must tarry a while and reflect deeply on the road that we must take. The wrong choice leads us down an easy path of chaos and destruction. The right choice would lead us up a path of prosperity and dignity, but with hard work and sacrifice,” he stated at the event.

He said Ghanaians only expected the NPP government to build on the foundations laid by the NDC prior to exiting office in 2017 but that has not happened.

“After inheriting a stable economy that was programmed and poised for rapid growth from early 2017, this government has squandered its way into a ditch from which it has become impossible to emerge without imposing even deeper hardships and suffering on Ghanaians.

“The minimum expectation was that the NPP government will build on the strong foundation that had been bequeathed them and achieve incremental progress over what they met. They have instead carried out a demolition exercise of that foundation and left our economy in quicksand, sinking at an alarming rate.”


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