Journalists Condemn Lesbians Beatings Of Two Journalists



A group of journalist in Ghana who are against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex, LGBTQI in Ghana are condemning the actions of some lesbians who over the weekend subjected two journalist on their line of duty to serious beatings.

Led by Isaac Boamah Darko, the Convener of the group of journalists, they expressed their displeasure through a release.

Read the full statement of JOURNALISTS’ AGAINST LGBTQI+ – GHANA

We write to vent our spleen and condemnation against the unfortunate actions of some lesbians who physically assaulted our members in their line of duty at Kwahu Obomeng in the Eastern Region last Saturday, 27th March, 2021 night.

The unfortunate actions are totally barbaric, absolutely moonshine and need comprehensive Police investigations to unravel the case and ensure all perpetrators are brought to book.

Our members, Peter Owusu Dwamena (Adom TV reporter and Emmanuel Somuah (Adom TV cameraman) and one Angel FM lady reporter who managed to escape were attacked and beaten for taking coverage of a wedding ceremony between two lesbians (names yet to be known) at the aforementioned town.

The venue for the ceremony is said to have been rented to one woman cum tenant (name unknown) by the late Joseph Asumani who is the owner of the residence.

The woman is said to be the would-be wife of her lesbian partner.

According to information gathered from the victims, the lady reporter who had first gotten wind of the ceremony decided to take coverage but considering the dress code for such an event, she felt her black dress was not appropriate so she hid somewhere and observed what transpired.

The lady reporter informed some of the community dwellers who also observed the event closely and later called in the Police.

The Police managed to apprehend 22 suspects who have been granted bail.

The lady reporter subsequently called her colleagues from Adom TV after the ceremony had closed late in the night.

The Adom TV team went to the residence the following day to conduct interviews with some of the Lesbians who initially concurred to be captured on TV.

In the course of the interview, the interviewee rescinded the decision to be captured.

However, all attempts to explain the need for the public to hear their story were unsuccessful so the interview proceeded without being held on camera.

The victims indicated that, some of the participants heckled and beat them but the lady reporter managed to escape.

One of the Adom TV reporters, Mr Dwamena said his phone which took images of the scenes has been badly damaged.

We wish to use this press release to call on the Ghana Journalists’ Association to join in condemning this barbaric act against our members and the Inspector General of Police to mount investigations into the attacks and all well-meaning bodies to render their displeasure against the act.

We would spur our members on to diffuse any fear likely to permeate their intellect and request that they continue to fight against our course.

Isaac BOAMAH Darko

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