Here is why Teacher Kwadwo was sacked by GES

Teacher Kwadwo

Popular YouTuber and comedian, Teacher Kwadwo was sacked late last week in what has been seen by the public as an attempt to gag people from criticising the leadership of the Ghana Education Service and also send fear to all who are taking notes from Teacher Kwadwo’s strong stand against the powers of the institution.

Many linked his sacking from the teaching profession to the #FixGES campaign being championed by the celebrity teacher but the reasons given by the GES faults him for different things, which are the reasons for his sacking. All of it can be summed as professional misconduct, the reasons why he has to be removed from the profession.

According to a letter signed by a deputy director of the service nearly two months prior to his sacking, Teacher Kwadwo had failed to prepare a lesson plan as a professional teacher, refused to submit lesson notes for vetting, absented himself for 55 days in the 2021 academic year without permission and has shown gross insubordination towards his headteacher and the School Improvement Support Officer, SISO at various points in time. Also, he even further refused to respond to a query issued to him by the District Director.

The above and many others are the reasons for his dismissal, though a Committee that sat on the case before, had recommended that he be transferred to a different, the Management of the GES thinks others having considered the punishment from the Committee as not commensurate with his offences.

See the full letter below.

GES letter on reasons why Teacher Kwadwo was sacked from the GES
GES letter on reasons why Teacher Kwadwo was sacked from the GES

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