Health Officials Debunk Reports Of Increased Birth Anomalies In Aowin

triplets born with birth defects

The Western North Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service has debunked reports of the increasing trend in birth anomalies in the region.

A press release on Wednesday, May 12, indicated that data available do not confirm the reports.

Media reports last week made rounds that the Aowin Municipality of the Western North Region, precisely the Sewum Health Centre, was recording increasing trends in birth defects.

But the press release issued by the Regional Director of health, Dr Marion Okoh-Owusu, said only two cases of birth anomalies have been reported in Aowin in 2021 so far and none at  Sewum Health Centre.

“In 2020, there was no case of birth defect at Sewum Health Centre but a total of three cases of birth anomalies were reported in the entire Aowin Municipality.

“From the above, and data available to us at the Western North Region, there is no increasing trend in birth anomalies at Sewum Health Centre, Aowin Municipality or in the Western North Region.”

The earlier reports attributed the trend to the activities of small-scale illegal miners.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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