Have you tightened your own belt? – Social Commentator replies Akufo-Addo

Have you tightened your own belt? – Social Commentator replies Akufo-Addo

Social and Political analyst, Ivan Kyei Innocent in interpreting President Akufo-Addo’s statement urging Ghanaians to tighten their belt due to the economic situation the country is currently faced with saying the government should replicate the same by showing leadership by example. He also asked whether “the president and his appointees have they tightened their belts”.

The tough-talking analyst deflated the President’s appeal by pointing out that even in the hardship, there are still 122 ministers who are being paid from the almost dry coffers of the state.

Speaking during a discussion on the Active Morning Show on Thursday, March 3 2022, he suggested that some ministries should be merged or be made departments of other ministries to cut down the cost. He mentioned examples such as the Railways Ministry could be put under Transport while adding that “we have an Aviation Minister but Ghana as a country does not have a single national carrier to its name,” an act he deems illogical and “wasteful expenditure on the public purse”.

And according to him as a leader “if you do this[failed to cut down expenses] you do not think about the people, you think about yourself”.

He further chided the government for using such privileges “to satisfy fantasies of their dying urges and this goes to point out that government was never prepared to share the burden”. 

Mr Kyei Innocent scolded the government for the alleged amount used to board a private jet to fly legislator for Dome Kwabenya Sarah Adwoa Safo to Ghana to enable her to participate in parliamentary proceedings in which the government was not able to pass the controversial E-levy.

These are some of the few wasteful ventures in Mr Kyei Innocent’s estimation the government has dabbled in.

He then stressed that “the whole essence of power is to bring comfort to the people,” adding that, “governance as using state power for the underprivileged”.

Still, on the discussion on how governance should be, he said what has led to the United States of America being prosperous is the fact that even if you go there as an immigrant you still get the opportunity to work and earn a decent living to fulfil your dreams for your family back home as well even without connections and protocols all because they created the enabling environment for all especially their businesses to thrive to continue employing people.

He concluded by advising that “as a government that is the ingenuity you must bring to bear”.

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