GBA has been ‘a monumental failure to our democracy’ – Francis-Xavier Sosu

GBA has been ‘a monumental failure to our democracy’ – Francis-Xavier Sosu

After facing criticism from the Ghana Bar Association over comments on Judges who are allegedly politically biased, the legislator for Madina has fired back at the Ghana Bar Association accusing them of being politically biased.

In a statement, Mr. Sosu said the association has been “a monumental failure to our democracy.”

Responding to the association, Mr. Sosu said “the leadership’s release shows the extent to which they are politically affiliated and biased as leaders of the Ghana Bar Association.”

“It is very sad that the leadership of the GBA which was established by the Constitution of Ghana and historically known to be the champions of Rule of Law, Accountability and Social Justice has reduced itself to yet another useless institution of our democratic process in these days and times,” he also said.

Mr. Sosu said he expected the association to demand more accountability from judges.

“Instead of joining the clarion call to stop our judges from becoming political judges in order to guarantee our democracy, the leadership of the GBA is needlessly attacking the voice of conscience that speaks truth though it hurts badly.”

The lawmaker further added that the GBA had deliberately misconstrued his comments on judges.

“Very respectfully, the leadership of the GBA have sought to create a false impression by their misguided release asserting that judges would lose their jobs when the party that appointed them loses power.”

“My statement was clear, ‘If you are a political judge, you will be dealt with politically… Judges owe a duty to the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and the laws of Ghana. If a judge allows him or herself to become an agent of a Political party, the tenure of the said judge will run with the political parties they favour’,” he explained.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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