#Fixthecountry protest to continue in the 15 other regions

#Fixthecountry protest to continue in the 15 other regions

Conveners of the #FixTheCountry campaign say the protest will take place in the remaining 15 regions of the country. Oliver Barker-Vormawor, one of the leaders gave this hint while addressing the thousands of youth who turned out to protest in Accra on Wednesday.

Addressing the protesters during the #FixTheCountry protest after the protest in Accra, he noted that all the other remaining regions will also carry out the demonstrations as they continue to mount pressure on the government to work on fixing very critical issues in the country that affect the lives of citizens.

Thousands of young Ghanaians poured out onto the streets of Accra to join the #FixTheCountry demonstration on Wednesday to pressure the government to put in place workable policies and programmes that will cause a range of reforms to benefit Ghanaians.

Started in May 2021 as a social media trend and gained ground on Twitter, the trend soon materialized into an out-of-social media movement. Many Ghanaians especially youth joined the loud call for proper transformation having grown unsatisfied with both the actions and inactions of the current and previous governments.

Apart from the calls for economic reforms, there are also references to the various socio-political programmes that are not benefiting the masses. Calls also for the amendment of the current 1992 Constitution are not left out of the concerns raised by the protestors as well as demands for the government to prioritize to satisfy the basic needs of Ghanaians rather than the self-actualization needs of politicians. This was clear in a placard that read, “We aim for waakye, they aim for V8. Life no [sic] balance!”

Conveners initially scheduled a May 9 protest date but their plans were truncated by a court injunction secured by the Police who claimed the Covid-19 restrictions which forbade mass gatherings was still in place. But since then, there have been many public gatherings including a massive demonstration by the opposition National Democratic Congress. That led to the conveners feeling unfairly treated and thus also took to the Court to find a solution.

The Wednesday, August 4, date, which is incidentally a public holiday (Founders’ Day), was set by the #FixTheCountry conveners after a court ruled that the demonstration could go on.

Demonstrators held up placards with various inscriptions, one of which wants the government to ‘pay people to work not to talk’.

By: Stella Annan | myactiveonline.com Twitter @activetvgh

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