EU Partners Employment And Labour Relations Ministry For Discussions On Cocoa

Members of the EU touring a cocoa farm

The European Union office in Ghana in collaboration with the Employment and Labour Relations Ministry organized a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion on cocoa.

It brought together stakeholders involved in the cocoa sector to share experiences and lessons learnt on sustainable cultivation of cocoa in Ghana. 

The objective of this national dialogue is to explore means of promoting sustainable cocoa production by enhancing the three dimensions of sustainability for cocoa production:

  • To ensure a proper living income for cocoa farmers
  • To also foster progress in the elimination of child labour and child trafficking within the cocoa supply chains.
  • To enhance the protection and restoration of forests in cocoa-producing regions.

The European Union believes that a commonly agreed traceability system is essential to guarantee that produced and imported cocoa is socially and environmentally sustainable. 

European Union Ambassador to Ghana Her Excellency Diana Acconcia has also reiterated the European Union’s resolve to ensuring that cocoa production is sustainable without child labour.

Also, Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD Mr Joseph Boahene Aidoo expressed hope that this dialogue will produce the best of results for cocoa production in Ghana.

There is the hope that this dialogue will also help Ghana Cocoa not to be banned in Europe due to child labour and other environmental issues.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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