Dry season and galamsey the reasons there is water rationing now – GWCL

Dry season and galamsey the reasons there is water rationing now – GWCL

The Ghana Water Company Limited has explained that the reason behind its rationing of water is due to the difficulty of accessing enough raw water to process.

 The dry season and illegal mining activities, which continue to pollute water bodies in the country have been attributed to the GWCL’s difficulty to get safe water for the citizenry.

Western, Eastern, Central, Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Northern Regions are said to be the hardest-hit areas.

 GWCL assures that with the impending rationing there are communication channels in place in all the districts to aid in effective responsiveness to the water needs of consumers.

According to the GWCL, the rationing will be based on geographical locations and not region because it would be difficult to serve on a regional basis, according to the water company.

 Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Dr. Clifford A. Braimah revealed that the turbidity of most of its water sources is drastically low.

Pointing out that in some specific areas, he said the water level in Ntaban and Daboasi in the Western Region are always very low around these periods.

“The illegal mining activities in those areas and sand winning in Tamale have created a lot more problems for us. Natural events are taking place and the human activities have come to compound them, giving a lot of pressure to the company to think about how to minimize the effect on our consumers.”

“In the Eastern Region, the water level at the Densu river is also low owing to the dry season and water turbidity due to external activities such as galamsey. The Pra River in the Western Region that runs through Denkyira Hemang in the Central Region is polluted, so is the Ankobra and several others. Averagely, in a week, consumers should expect water flow at least once to enable equal share of water to other locations.”

For consumers to get aid from the districts on when they will get water, the call centres( 0555155524) are available to call for complaints and information.

“Today, we would send some flyers around so that the public get to know when they would get water running in their homes.”

He further urged consumers to conserve water and not waste them for others to also enjoy the flow of water.

By: Stella Annan | myactiveonline.com Twitter @activetvgh

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