Diaspora Patriots in Ghana swear-in new executives, pledge to support Akufo-Addo to succeed

Diaspora Patriots in Ghana swear-in new executives, pledge to support Akufo-Addo to succeed

The Diaspora Patriots in Ghana Foundation(DPG) has reiterated its commitment to help the Government of Ghana headed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to deliver the promises he made to Ghanaians.

According to the foundation, it is incumbent on it to ensure that this becomes a success in order for Ghanaians to renew the mandate of the party for another term in the 2024 elections. It pledged its commitment at the unveiling of a new set of executives on Wednesday during a swearing-in ceremony in Accra following a successful election held earlier.

The ceremony saw Mr Prince Ofosu Sefah, its founding chairman, hand over the reigns of the foundation’s stewardship to the newly elected Chairman, Baffour Dr. Kwabena Adanse-Pipim.

In an interview with myactiveonline.com, Baffour Dr. Kwabena Adanse-Pipim said he will work hard to ensure that article 94 of the 1992 constitution is amended to allow Ghanaian Diasporans to become members of Parliament.

According to him, he cannot become a legislator in the country due to his dual citizenship. A situation he described as “sad”.

He said he will spearhead the creation of a website for the foundation that will help make its activities known to the public.

“I will create a website for the foundation where people can see us and reach us,” he pledged.

The newly elected Vice-Chairman, Ernest Gwumah disclosed that based on his political background and extensive experience as far as political dispensation is concerned, he is well positioned to bring in ideas to supplement the chairman’s task and also be a worthy representative of the chairman in case he’s not available.

New and Old executives of DPG
Diaspora Patriots in Ghana

According to the immediate past chairman of the group, DPG is a foundation which was established about three years ago under the New Patriotic Party and comprises Ghanaians who live abroad but have returned to Ghana to contribute diversely to help improve the country’s growth.

“DPG is a young foundation made up of Ghanaians especially those in NPP who had resided abroad but have since moved back home with the aim to promote the growth of our country,” he explained.

Commenting on the current state of the Ghanaian economy, Dr. Adanse-Pipim noted that one cannot rule out the impact of Covid-19 and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine as having contributed to the woes of Ghana’s economy. He said those developments form part of the unforeseen factors that have shaken the country’s fiscal stability in recent times.

By: Ethel Mawutor Akpagli | myactiveonline.com

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