Deadly bridge- Sirigu residents cry for support to fix deathtrap

Sirigu community appeal for help to rehabilitate collapsing bridge

a hole in the middle of the Sirigu-Zorkor-Bolga road bridge

Residents of Sirigu, a community in the Kasena Nankana West District of the Upper East region are appealing for support to fix a broken bridge in the community.

The Sirigu-Zorkor-Boga road which was constructed decades ago has been in a bad shape for some time now, causing fear and panic among residents in the area. The bridge over the twin Sirigu-Kadare rivers is almost on the verge of collapse at the centre of the long bridge.

The twin rivers which the bridge pass over

A big hole created at the centre of the bridge is in a deplorable state and no heavy vehicle can pass over it from either side of it. The gap which started as a small crack at the edge of the bridge has now gone beyond cracks to become a well in the middle of a bridge.

Lying scaringly opened at the middle, it has allowed less room for vehicles to pass and now looks neglected for other options which are rather too long for transit between the two towns. Accidents are not uncommon at the place especially for people using the road for the first time.

the hole at the middle of the bridge that poses serious dangers to road users
the hole at the middle of the bridge that poses serious dangers to road users

Another tail of the road is, it has now become a hotspot for criminals to exact pain on residents and road users es[ecially those who use it at night. Motorists upon reaching that point of the road slow down in order to manoeuvre their way through and that is the exact moment criminals often take advantage of the situation to rob and harm road users. That has created insecurity in the town.

A tricycle rider at the centre of the bridge.
A tricycle rider at the centre of the bridge.

Now it is not only insecurity from attack by criminals but the fear of being cut-off is sickening and terrifying. Ambulance services can no longer use the road to transport people from Sirigu to Bolgatanga Regional Hospital and that has become a source of worry for many in the community.

Also in the community, another road linking the Sirigu town to other villages in the community and to Burkina Faso through the Eastern part of the community is also in dire need of rehabilitation. The bridge which is just at the outskirts of the Sirigu market, the largest market in the district has its edges is being washed away as a result of erosion. if nothing is done promptly, it may not survive the rainy season and the community risk being cut off from that end too. That would starve the market as it receives traders every day from Burkina Faso which come through the eastern side of the community.

Not only outsiders but even communities within Sirigu such as Wugingo, Nayorogo, parts of Basengo and Bugsongo would be isolated from the rest of Sirigu if the road is not fixed immediately.

The community is already fixing another road that links the community to its Western neighbours that have broken down but they can only do as much and now are the government and other stakeholders to come to their aid.

Watch the video below to see the damage in the community as they are in near cut-off from Ghana due to their bad roads.

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