Covid-19 Trust Fund Accounts Are Being Audited To Dispel Speculation Of Corruption – Sophia Akuffo  


We will release audit reports to let you know we are not misappropriating funds – Sophia Akuffo

Former Chief Justice and  Chairperson of the COVID-19 Trust Fund, Sophia Akuffo appears to be incensed by negative media publications about activities of the fund and its trustees.

Ms. Akuffo said it is unfair that some Ghanaians alleged that the fund’s trustees and staff were diverting monies received, despite having little knowledge about its activities.

The former Chief Justice said the accounts of the fund are currently being audited to dispel speculations of corruption.

“We at the Trust Fund appreciate and are ready to render accounts for our stewardship at any point in time when it becomes necessary to do so. Therefore, I consider it rather unfair and very embarrassing when some sections of the public and in the media, whether due to political expediency or ignorance about the nature of our mandate or simply out of sheer mischief, attempt to throw mud and malign the trustees and staff of the fund.”

“Our accounts are being audited by the Audit Service as I speak. We have been in existence for a year now and in due time the report of the Auditor will be published.”

The Trust Fund was set up to assist persons who were worst hit by the pandemic.

There have been calls for an audit of the  COVID-19 Trust Fund to enhance accountability.

Former President, John Dramani is one of the individuals who have asked administrators of the Fund to keep receipts of expenditure to enhance accountability.

The Fund received donations in cash and in kind to support groups and individuals who require assistance amidst the pandemic.

As of May 2020, the fund had received GHC50 million which was donated by individuals and institutions.

By: Stella Annan |


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