Charismatic Bishops Conference Calls For An Overhauling Of Ghana’s Security Structure

Ghana Charismatic Bishops Conference calls for change in the Ghana security system

The Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Conference is calling for an immediate reformation of the country’s security structure .

 It explains that it has become necessary owing to the increasing lack of public confidence, particularly in the Ghana Police Service.

 The Conference, further indicated that recent events have made it clear that the “nation’s security system is not properly set up.”

These concerns of the Conference follows  the arrest of Citi FM and Citi TV’s journalist, Caleb Kudah, and the subsequent raid of the premises by national security operatives.

According to the Conference, the citizenry is gradually losing faith in the security agencies, partly because they are unable to get the Police to respond to emergencies or receive little Police action on reported crimes.

General Secretary of the Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Conference, Rev. Kwesi Deh in an interview on Citi news monitored by’ Stella Annan, called for an immediate reformation of the security architecture to boost public confidence.

“The first thing I will say we have noticed is the amount of fear and trauma the people have to live with. Sometimes not so much because they have suffered a particular attack but just the fear of it happening. For example, if a neighbor of yours gets an attack, you are likely to be afraid of being the next victim.”

“So it is one thing being the victim of an attack, but it is a whole other thing constantly living under this cloud of fear. Almost every Ghanaian is forced to live under fear of the breakdown of security in the country. The other thing is also that, it is obvious that the security system is not properly set up, and one of the benchmarks we’ve set for it is the ease of reaching the Police. There is still one number that is commonly known to Ghanaians to easily access the police which we must quickly look at.”

By: Stella Annan |


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