Boards of institutions have no business in procurements of the institutions – Vitus Azeem

Vitus Azeem

Campaigner for Tax Justice Network, Mr Vitus Adaboo Azeem with regards to the Christmas tree brouhaha at the Ghana Airports Company Limited has expressed his disappointment with how the Board Chairman of the company was directly involved in the procurement of the said Christmas tree.

Mr. Azeem during an interview on the Active Morning Show with Agyenim-Boateng Adjaye bemoaned that there are clearly spelt out roles for the boards of every institution which does not involve meddling in the day to day running of the said institution.

Per standard practice, the Management of the institution is rather supposed to be involved in the procurement process and the boards of institutions are to be solely engaged in giving direction and making decisions for the institution.

He expressed worry about a trend in Ghana where boards of institutions are allocated an office and given cars in the said institutions and in fact report to the office every day. he said the boards are to go for meetings concerning the policy direction of the institution and not report to the company office every day.

Mr Azeem pointed out that if the prices are found out to be outrageous then it should be condemned and those involved questioned why the board was involved in the procurement process.

He opined that most institutions have failed to clearly spell out the roles assigned to board members of institutions which should not be the case.

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By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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