Bagbin fires Akufo-Addo for ‘myopic’ comments on ‘reckless’ Supreme Court ruling

Bagbin fires Akufo-Addo for ‘myopic’ comments on ‘reckless’ Supreme Court ruling

“I have resisted the temptation of making a comment on the judgment of the Supreme Court on the issue of the voting rights of Deputy Speakers when presiding. But the unfortunate and myopic comments of the President has compelled me to let it out,” Alban Bagbin replied in a statement addressing the recent landmark ruling by the Supreme Court that has divided parliament and the subsequent comments of the President of Ghana supporting the ruling.

“Mr President, the issue being discussed is not about Parliament being above the law. Everyone knows that Parliament is not above the law. The Executive and the Judiciary are equally not above the law. The issue being discussed is the political question doctrine. It took centuries to detail out the strands of this doctrine and the principles are settled as to when and how this closed book could be opened,” he added.

The Speaker called on Plaintiff to seek a review.

Alban Bagbin further described the apex court’s judgment as absurd and reckless.

He explained that the fact that all members of the panel agreed with the position is worrying, as the decision constitutes an interference in the activities of the legislature.

The Speaker, who had initially pointed out that a speaker presiding does not have a casting vote, complained that the court’s position on the matter doesn’t help explore and expand the country’s legal philosophy.

“The SC decision is, to say the least, not only an absurdity but a reckless incursion into the remit of Parliament. The trend of unanimity is equally troubling. It doesn’t help explore and expand our legal jurisprudence,” he stated.

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